Master Antenna Television Systems

Fairfax Antenna/Video Integrators installs and maintains more digital HDTV master antenna systems in the Washington DC metropolitan area than any other company.   More and more residents of apartment buildings in the Washington DC area want to cut high cost expensive cable TV bills for free local reception of major network broadcasters.  In many cases residents are amazed to find that they are often able to receive over 50 channels when connected to their building antenna system that was installed or upgraded by Fairfax Antenna.

In the Washington DC and Baltimore area broacast channels on both the VHF and UHF band.  Many people are not aware the reception quality of an ATSC digital signal from an antenna system is by far superior to the QAM signals utilized by cable TV.  This is because the local broadcasters, unlike cable TV, do not need to compress the digital signal which  decreases the signal quality.  Also,  most local stations broadcast a full high definition primary channel and are also able to provide bonus standard definition sub-channels.  The program content of these sub-channels range from news, music videos, foreign language networks, classic TV series, and childrens programs.

Whether your building is large or small our technicians can visit the building for a free site survey.  We can determine the best way to distribute the signals from a digital antenna system.  In most cases the legacy coaxial distribution system that was used for analog signals can still be used to carry  digital signals.  Another options is to use existing cable TV coaxial cable to connect residents to the digital antenna sytem.

Call and schedule a site survey and consultation.