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Let us show you how you can save over $30,000 by installing an OTA antenna system for your house.   If you are paying over $125 a month to your cable tv / satellite  provider then an OTA sytem will save you $1500 per year and that adds up to $30,000 over 20 years.

Young and old are rediscovering the advantages of an old workhorse. Today’s consumers are tired of increasing monthly bills and lower quality signal that local cable tv companies force on its customers.  Both cable TV and satellite providers provide a lower quality HDTV signal by compressing the digital signals in order to offer hundreds of channels that no one watches.

An antenna receivers a non-compressed digital signal that is a full 6 MHz in bandwidth.  This provides the highest quality HD signal available that is noticeably superior to cable TV or satellite providers.   A TV antenna installed on a roof can deliver high quality HDTV signals over a lifetime of over 20 years with no monthly fee.   The savings by cutting cable tv or satellite will pay off a professional antenna installation in most cases in a matter of months.

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With a TV antenna it is often possible to receive over 50 channels of quality programming.  Most stations broadcast a high defintion primary channel and one or two SD quality sub-channels.  These sub-channels are bonus channels that provide news, classic movies, TV series featuring drama, comedy and detective shows, and foreign language programs from cultures around the world.

The rise of popularity of TV antennas has forced one cable TV company, Charter Cable, into blocking ads for a TV antenna company stating why pay for cable when you can get  most of the channels you watch for free.  The only thing that we can predict as the number of cable TV customers continue to decline the amount that they charge will increase.

HDTV Antenna Systems