‘Flat Panel TV Installs

A professionally installed High Definition panel can be the centerplace for your family room.  Our technicians have years of experience in installing HDTV systems.  We will recommend the mount to optimize your HDTV panel.  We install low profile mounts for the newest thin LED panels and also articulating mounts that allow for the panel to be pulled out and rotated away from the wall.

A custom installation by Fairfax AVI will feature a site survey to your location to determine the best mount for your system and how to connect your HD panel to the AV system in best possible manner.  One popular solution is to install the sytem in  a remote location.  A custom remote control system will provide control of the system in a different room or maybe a closet.   Most custom installations from Fairfax AVI feature no visible wires…no visible boxes or converters….only a panel mounted on the wall… and a remote to control the system.